Your Path To Better Hearing

Big Business VS Small Business

It seems like more and more Hearing Aid Manufacturers are opening up or buying Hearing Aid Clinics. This may mean that the end is nearing for the "Little Guys." Back in the day, most Hearing Aid Clinics were run by individuals or were family run. These clinics were able to provide a level of service and personal touch that cannot be achieved in a big corporate environment. The more detached that the leaders of a company are, the harder it is to create a caring, friendly place to go to.

These clinics can usually only offer the one manufacturers product. This puts you the consumer at a disadvantage because it limits your choice, which is not a good thing.

Supporting local business, supporting small business, supporting individual business, and supporting family business is what you are doing when you choose Arcade Hearing Aid Center. We appreciate your support and hope we can continue to remain independent. We firmly believe that individual and personalized service is one of the major factors of success with hearing instruments. We are thankful for all of our supporters and look forward serving you well into the future.