Your Path To Better Hearing

Our team is the best!

Last night I watched two NBA basketball games. The Los Angeles Lakers were in Portland playing the Blazers and the Los Angeles Clippers were at Staples Center playing the Memphis Grizzlies. Any other year I would have been more interested in the Laker game. This year is different because the Clippers have a group of players who play together as a team while the Lakers superstar parts are still struggling to find their identity.

Is teamwork that important to the success of a franchise or business? The answer is definitely yes! At Arcade Hearing Aid Center, we believe our teamwork is one of our biggest strengths. Much of that credit goes to our front-office personnel. Faith and Fabby make sure our patients are treated with respect, kindness, and understanding. We know our patients appreciate them because we get compliments about them on a daily basis. I have worked at many clinics and I see the difference that having a great team behind you can make for us and our patients. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful staff.

Now if I have to compare Arcade Hearing to either the Lakers or Clippers, I prefer the Laker comparison because, like us, the Lakers have such a long tradition of excellence. However, this may be the time for businesses to strive to be more like the Clippers. Go teamwork!