Your Path To Better Hearing

Remote Microphones and Bluetooth/Wireless

One of the most under-utilized technologies available today for people with hearing problems is the Remote Microphone. Until recently, remote mics have only been available thru expensive and cumbersome FM systems. FM mics worked great, however, because it required wearing a bulky Behind the Ear(BTE) hearing instrument and a boot added onto the hearing instrument, along with a transmitter, and the fact it can add thousands of dollars onto the cost, most people chose not to use FM.

In 2012, things are different. The Hearing Industry has introduced an exciting new technology and actually offers it a fraction of the cost of the previous technology. Still, less than 10% of Hearing Aid users opt in to utilize it.

Resound and Oticon are the two leaders in this technology. Oticon requires using their Streamer with their wireless hearing instruments. Resound does not require a streamer and is therefore less cumbersome.

I believe we will be seeing more companies coming out with similar devices because it is truly a great, relatively inexpensive technology.