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The Medi-Cal Misunderstanding

On January 15, 2013 California implemented a change in the reimbursement policy for hearing aid providers. The change effectively cuts our reimbursement by over 50%! last year they made a retroactive 10% cut and actually took back money from us that they already paid. Try running a business and budgeting for that!

A few years ago they completely cut reimbursement for all Audiology testing such as hearing tests and hearing aid evaluations.

Providers will no longer be able to service Medi-Cal patients for hearing related services and stay in business. As I write this, we are in the process of closing down one if our offices and laying off staff members. If not resolved soon there will be more closures and layoffs. My business is not the only one affected and all of the providers I've spoken to will be forced to do the same.

The real victims here are the hearing impaired Medi-Cal patients, who instead of being able to choose from a small list of local providers, will have to travel 15-30 miles to find a provider willing to accept the ridiculous reimbursement being offered.

I for one continue to fight for my patients rights. I have sent numerous letters to Governor Brown and Toby Douglas and have visited our local legislators to implore them to reconsider. Our professional groups are also working to fix this issue. We are now asking our Medi-Cal patients to send letters as well. if you want to help us please let me know.