Your Path To Better Hearing

What is SoundRecover and do I need it?

High frequency hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss and has historically been the most challenging type of hearing loss to fit successfully. Until recently, that is. With Swiss manufacturer Phonak's SoundRecover, high frequency information can now be heard in a comfortable and seamless way.

SoundRecover was introduced a few years ago and has been tremendous! In our clinics, and around the world new and experienced hearing aid users and the professionals who fit them are singing the praises of Phonak products and the success of SoundRecover.

SoundRecover takes high frequency sounds and moves them over to lower frequencies, where hearing is usually better. The Phonak engineers call this frequency compression. Other companies have similar frequency transposition in their hearing aids, but none of them have had the end-user acceptability of Phonak.

Some may ask; Why not just crank up the gain/volume at those high frequencies where the hearing loss is the worse? That actually is becoming more and more possible now that feedback suppression has improved so dramatically in the last few years. The simple answer is sound quality. Too many highs versus mid and low frequencies can make the sound tinny, brassy, microphony(sic), shrill, and just downright annoying! So we wind up turning them down to get rid of the poor sound quality and essentially give up on the high frequencies! When I fit people with SoundRecover, I feel like Im not just giving up on the highs but helping people reach new heights. When people tell me they're hearing sounds they never heard before and understanding better than ever that is awesome!