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Phonak Hearing Aids:
Your Expert Guide

At Arcade Hearing in Santa Monica, we understand your hearing aids have to work in a more sophisticated way than just enabling you to hear sounds audibly. We inform you about how to choose a device which has the capability to emphasize sounds from different directions, reduce background noises and flatten frequencies. We want you to have hearing aids which automatically adapt to where you are, giving the best possible sound quality.

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Phonak hearing aids are capable of connecting to your phone easily and quickly. The process can make a huge difference on your quality of life if you need to wear hearing aids. Bluetooth technology means you have the capability to make hands-free calls as well as connect to your TV and other streaming devices.


Arcade Hearing Phonak Hearing Device Models


At Arcade Hearing in Santa Monica, we utilize an in-depth consultation approach to advise on which hearing aids work best for a patient’s lifestyle. We only offer hearing devices we believe can improve and benefit our patients' lives so they can experience the very best levels of hearing available.

Phonak has been manufacturing hearing devices for over half a century, and is one of the largest hearing aid makers in the world today. The brand supplies over 100 countries around the globe and has millions of patients. Phonak has in-depth experience in the field, starting off in the industry as manufacturers of children’s hearing devices. However, now they are recognized globally as offering superior hearing aids for all ages that can improve hearing for people with mild to profound hearing loss.

The brand prides itself on using cutting edge technology backed by years of highly skilled workmanship to offer patients the very best sound quality on the market.

Audéo Paradise


The Audéo Paradise includes the latest in speech-enhancing technology, with dynamic noise cancellation and the inclusion of motion sensor hearing.

Paradise devices come with a tap control which enables you to activate Siri or Alexa, answer or reject calls, and pause streaming or audio. You can do all of this from the comfort of your chair just by lifting a finger. The Paradise also has Bluetooth capability and includes tinnitus masking for your comfort, plus a rechargeable battery option.

The design is offered exclusively as a receiver-in-canal (RIC) style. This means the speaker of the hearing aid rests your ear canal. However, the microphone and processor are concealed and sit in a tiny case behind your ear.

Audéo ParadiseAudéo Paradise



Phonak’s CROS line of hearing devices has been developed specifically for for those who are experiencing single-sided hearing, or hearing through one ear only. The model also has superior Bluetooth capabilities, enabling streaming to your device with the touch of a finger.

The Roger Wireless technology in Phonak products means sound is directly transmitted to the Phonak hearing aid wearer. Roger Wireless was created for situations where hearing environments are difficult, and it helps to reduce background noise while making the immediate conversation clearer, especially in restaurants or a roomful of people.

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How to Solve Issues with Connecting Phonak Hearing Devices to Bluetooth

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All Phonak hearing aid models have Bluetooth connectivity for Apple and Android devices as well as Bluetooth-enabled devices, and can work with ‘Roger On’ microphones. In addition, some models even have built-in microphone capability.

The direct connectivity means Phonak hearing devices are compatible with any cell phone that uses Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology. Phonak models have the capability to work with many older phone designs, and can be used as a hands-free cell phone or wireless TV headset.

AutoSense OS hearing technology is another sophisticated feature which immediately adapts your device to your sound environment by carrying out a fast analysis and blending audio profiles. The result is an optimal hearing experience.

Phonak has also developed AutoSense Sky OS technology that has been specifically designed for children and teens meaning that wherever you are, whether your location is in the classroom or playground, listening to music, or enjoying conversations with friends, children and teens have a superior level of hearing.

A number of Phonak hearing devices have rechargeable batteries, which are self-contained lithium-ion batteries. Extremely durable, you can enjoy four to five years of use without having to change the battery in your device. Tests have revealed rechargeable batteries are 15% more reliable than replaceable batteries.

How to Solve Phonak Hearing Device Bluetooth Connection Issues

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The process of connecting your Phonak hearing device to Bluetooth on an Android phone or iPhone is as follows:
  1. On your Android device open the Settings menu icon.

  2. Tap to open the Bluetooth icon, and you can use the slider button to turn Bluetooth ON.

  3. Open the battery doors on your hearing aid for five seconds. Then close, so you are able to activate pairing mode. **If your devices are rechargeable, refer below.

  4. On your phone you will see a message flash up saying, ‘Available Devices.’

  5. You should then tap to select the telephone icon with your hearing aid name beside that will appear on screen.

  6. You will hear a connection beep and this indicates when successfully paired.

Now enjoy the sound of audio streaming from your phone to your hearing aids while Bluetooth is on.

If you are interested in getting a Phonak hearing device, or you think you might have a problem with your hearing, you can contact one of our expert team at our Arcade Hearing location in Santa Monica for a consultation today.

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**If you want to activate pairing mode in a rechargeable hearing aid, turn the hearing aid OFF/ON. You should then press and hold the volume down for three seconds. You will see a red light that will indicate your hearing aid is OFF. Then press and hold again until the indicator light blinks green, indicating ON.
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